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10 Point Roof Tune-up

We are currently offering a 10 Point Roof Tune-Up for a limited-time low price of $150. Offer Includes:

  1. Inspect and reseal vents (up to 8).
  2. Inspect and reseal chimney counter flashing (up to 2).
  3. Inspect and reseal sewer vent pipes (up to 3).
  4. Inspect and reseal nail pops through shingles (up to one dozen).
  5. Inspect electrical mast and reseal.
  6. Inspect TV antenna or  dish and reseal.
  7. Inspect for missing shingles (provide cost estimate).
  8. Inspect skylights (provide cost estimate).
  9. Inspect valleys (provide cost estimate).
  10. Complete roof and gutters check (provide evaluation).

*Repairs provided as necessary.  This service is for preventive maintenance only.