LIFT Construction: FREE Roof Inspection

You all know the weather here in Texas. Some of those hail storms can be pretty devastating to your roof. If your area has suffered from a major hail storm in the last year, you need to have your roof inspected. That hail can do some serious damage to your roof. Maybe you’re thinking of selling your home and need a roof certification for the sale. Whatever the case may be, we will send one of our roofing experts to your home within 48 hours of contacting us for a FREE roof inspection.

Contact Us. We Will Inspect Your Roof Within 48 Hours.

Do You Really Need A Roof Inspection Right Now?

If you have noticed any of the following, you should probably have your roof inspected:

  •  Have you noticed any pock marks in your siding or wood trim?
  •  Are there dents in your air conditioning unit?
  • Have you seen loose shingles in your lawn?
  • Has there been a large hail storm in your area in the last year?
  •  Does your fencing have paint chipping?
  •  Do you have a lot of asphalt granules at the bottom of your downspouts?
  • Can you see any missing shingles or dark blotches on your roof?
  • Has it been years since you have had an inspection done?
  • Are you planning on selling your home?


Why Choose LIFT Construction

LIFT Construction is a full service general contracting company formed by a team of project managers and subcontractors. We came together with a single goal of serving our employees and clients with respect. Together we have supervised thousands of projects across the state of Texas. We have done this while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction expressed through excellent online reviews and ongoing referral business. See our services for the range of work we offer. Since we are a general contractor and not just a roofing contractor, we can take care of other damages such as painting, fencing, gutters, and windows. You can have your home back to its original beauty without having to coordinate with several contractors. We will treat your home just like our own. We are your hometown roofing company.