Roofing Flower Mound TX

Flower Mound TX is your home and for good reason. This is a great place to live. You also know that we receive some pretty wild storms as well. Did you know that your roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home? Damage to your roofing can cause unseen leaks into your home that can cause serious damage if left unattended. Water getting through your roofing can cause structural damage inside your house. A good Flower Mound roofing company can make sure that your home stays protected. A roofing contractor like LIFT is all you need. We can handle all of your restoration needs.

LIFT Is Your Best Choice As Your Flower Mound Roofing Company

LIFT Construction is not just a roofing contractor. LIFT is a full-service general contractor that specializes in roofing services and can also take care of all your home restoration projects. You won’t need to work with several contractors if you receive damage to other areas of the home such as siding, fencing, windows, gutters and more. We will make your home better than new with our variety of services. An not only is LIFT the roofing contractor to choose for your home, LIFT can handle commercial roofing projects as well as residential roofing needs. New Fencing

Flower Mound TX Roof Repair

If you have to make a minor roof repair you might want to tackle the job yourself, but we can handle a minor roof repair job for you that will make sure your roof is in best possible shape. You want to make sure that any repair work you do does not void your warranties. It is best to have your roof inspected by a professional and have roofing services done by a roofing specialist. While we are doing minor repairs we can check to make sure that all areas of your roof such as around vents and flashing are in good shape. The goal, of course is to make sure that your roof is ready to weather any storm.

Roof Replacement

Sometimes your roofing needs more than just repairs. After one of our severe hail storms, you might need a new roof. This is when you will need an experienced Flower Mound roofing company that can give you the best and fastest service to make sure your home is protected. We provide quality service and will have the work done quickly without cutting corners. It is important that roofing contractors do not cut corners and use quality materials when working on your home. You need a company that will make sure that the old roof is torn off all the way to the decking. Some companies leave the underlayment on the roof and just added another layer. The problem with this is that you cannot see damage under the underlayment without going all the way to the decking. We take off all the materials and will replace up to three sheets of plywood if necessary. We want to make sure the decking is strong and won’t fail. Rotting decking will eventually cause the shingles to fail.roof layers

FREE Roof Inspection

Every year you should have your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor who can tell you if you need any type of roofing services, minor roof repairs, or a roof replacement. You especially should use professional inspection services if there was any serious weather such as hail storms in the past year. A good roof can withstand a lot of beating from a good storm or two, but you want to make sure that you are ready for the next seasons storms. Professional roofing contractors such as LIFT will give you honest and free estimates of any work that may need to be done. Or we can just let you know that you are good for another year.

What if my roof is leaking right now?

If you know you have a problem right now we can come right over and do a quick roof inspection and a temporary fix. We have a great understanding of your insurance claim and will let you know what steps to take right away.

Why Choose Lift?

Our customers love us. Check out our reviews page to see what our customers have to say. We have dedicated ourselves to offering quality services at honest prices and are experts at what we do. As roofing contractors go, we serve Flower Mound TX with providing the utmost in quality services. We not only offer residential roofing but we also do commercial roofing projects as well. Our company was founded on the basis of customer satisfaction. We will treat your home just like its our own. We pride ourselves in the fact that our customers come back whenever they need projects done and they recommend us to their friends and neighbors. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Looking for roofing contractors? LIFT is here for you. We love our Flower Mound customers.